Thursday, February 24, 2011

Polarity & The Unconquerable Spirit

Crop from "Polarity" (colored pencil)

I think that "the unconquerable spirit" can be defined as a state of peaceful contentment; a simple outlook that delights in simple things. It is not weighed down by the troubles of this life, but rather finds happiness in spite of them. This sort of "polarity," like most good things, is rare; few stop amid the humdrum of everyday life and actually consider the wonder of their own existence. It is a state that is never inherent, and a grace that is rarely attained. To become aware of oneself, to find the joy of one's own self-awareness, individuality, and freedom of personality, to discover the miracle that is our humanity: this is the essence of the unconquerable spirit.

...for circumstance could not her heart encumber,
nor environment subdue her spirit strong;
and as for hardships, they could not outnumber
the few blessings that tuned her soul's glad song.

- Excerpt from "The Unconquerable Spirit"